Winter 2018/2019

Courses in the Winter Semester 18/19

Course Overview

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  • Actuarial Mathematics I
    Dr. Sojung Kim
  • Mathematical Stochastics II
    Prof. Dr. Stefan Weber
  • Quantitative Risk Management
    Dr. Sojung Kim
  • Stochastics A
    Dr. Julian Gerstenberg
  • Linear Models of Statistics
    Dr. Daniel Gaigall
  • Seminar Insurance and Financial Mathematics
    Prof. Dr. Stefan Weber 
  • Colloquium: Zürich-Hannover Workshop on Insurance and Financial Mathematics


    • Controlling in Insurance Business
      Dr. Ute Lohse, Dr. Ulrich Knemeyer
    • Insurance Economics
      M. Sc. Miguel Rodriguez Gonzalez, Dr. Christoph Schwarzbach, Prof. Dr. Torsten Oletzky
    • Seminar: Banking and Insurance
      Dipl.-Oec. Dirk Wrede, Dr. Christoph Schwarzbach, M. Sc. Torben Schmidt, M. Sc. Patrizio Vanella
    • Colloquium New Research Developments in Insurance and Health Economics
      Dr. Ute Lohse