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The House of Insurance cooperates with several partners. These include:

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Mecklenburgische Versicherungsgruppe  

As an insurance group, we are able to offer modern solutions for private clients, business people and farmers. We are convinced that it is a business with a future so that we are happy to support the interdisciplinary approach of the House of Insurance. We are a future-oriented company with a sense of tradition that offers university graduates many exciting opportunities.    




Concordia Versicherungen

Concordia Versicherungen - a founding member of the House of Insurance - has been supporting research, teaching and studies at Leibniz Universität Hannover for many decades. As early as 1903, the Concordia was one of the initiators of the oldest „college of apprenticeship“ in German individual insurance.

VGH Versicherungen

Since 1750 the VGH is firmly rooted in Lower Saxony. At the Hannover headquarters, the public insurer is an important economic factor and employer. With the "House of Insurance", VGH is committed to making the insurance location even more attractive for university graduates.


Fast, straightforward and customer oriented: Since 1963, WERTGARANTIE SE has demonstrated how to be a successful insurer for consumer electronics, household appliances, bicycles, electronic bikes and scooters, smart home facilities, hearing aids as well as household power, water and gas pipelines. Working for a digital insurance company internationally active throughout Europe, employees benefit from a transparent and appreciative corporate culture with versatile and challenging tasks as well as comprehensive fringe benefits. 


Further industry partners are:

  • E+S Rückversicherung AG
  • Talanx AG
  • VHV Vereinigte Hannoversche Versicherung a.G.